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Cathedrals of the Church of England

A small portable book with eye-catching photographs and a bite-sized introduction to each of the 42 Church of England cathedrals.


Fantastic 50 Guide: UK Edition

The Fantastic 50 Guide: UK Edition, compiled by Young Enterprise pupils from Ken Stimpson Community School, combines the best elements of a travel guide with a personal photo album. It sets a challenging goal of 50 places to visit in the UK, tells you enough to tempt you to visit, and invites you to add your own photos and memories.


Henry VIII: the quest for fame by John Guy

This most instantly recognizable of kings remains a figure of extreme contradictions: magnificent and vengeful; a devout traditionalist who oversaw a cataclysmic rupture with the church in Rome; a talented, towering figure who nevertheless could not bear to meet people's eyes when he talked to them.


'Katharine of Aragon' by Jack Higham

A short history of the life of Katharine of Aragon by Jack Higham, former Canon Chancellor of Peterborough Cathedral.


Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen by Alison Weir

Alison Weir's meticulously researched new novel about Katherine of Aragon, published May 2016. 609 printed pages.


One Step Ahead Jack! by Janet Marshall

The story of WW1 Nurse and national heroine Matron Edith Cavell and her faithful friend Jack the dog. Illustrated by Dawn Wassell


Peterborough Cathedral, A Glimpse of Heaven, by Jonathan Foyle

Architectural historian, Dr Jonathan Foyle, combines the wealth of his specialist knowledge with the recent findings of other historians in this study, published 23 February 2018. Can be mailed to you direct, or collected from the Cathedral Shop (choose 'click and collect'.


The History of England Vol.2: Tudors

Rich in detail and atmosphere and told by Peter Ackroyd in vivid prose, 'Tudors' recounts the transformation of England from a settled Catholic country to a Protestant power.