Model of Peterborough Cathedral

A fabulously detailed 'build your own' Peterborough Cathedral 1:240 scale model made from card.
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Build your own exquisite replica of Peterborough Cathedral at 1:240 scale with this kit especially designed by Rupert Cordeux.

The model measures 23 inches long x 10 inches (58cm x 25cm) wide (transepts) x 6.5 inches (16cm) high (central tower) and 7.5 inches (19cm) high (pinnacles of the north west tower).

The model is printed in black and white onto tinted card (stone parts) and white card (lead roof parts). the tiled roof parts require colouring with pencil crayons.

The card base and "grass" parts are not provided.

These models are designed with the experienced model-maker in mind. Many hours of often-fiddly work are required for the best results. Solvent-based adhesive and a scalpel are listed as essential tools for making this model, so it is not suitable for children.


It was a most rewarding build. Pieces are exact; instructions are clear; and the diagrams take away any doubt of how the model is to be put together.

I enjoyed this build very much and commend Rupert for his attention to detail and his thoroughness in the development of the model—outstanding work.

Mike Sanderson, Pennsylvania, USA
January 2016

I found the model a joy to build, although patience is needed even from an experienced modeller's point of view. I only discovered Rupert recently and since he has other models in his Catalogue I would recommend him to other modellers and also Cathedral / Architecture enthusiasts like myself.

Ben Keating
September 2015



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